Grab Bag

Grab Bag

Regular price $35.00

Often times, our nail wrap shipments would come with packs that unfortunately don't make the cut. It could be a minor print defect, a tiny blemish or a part of the clear protective film not being adhered properly.

We hate to see them go to waste because they can be applied on just fine. So for a limited time only, shop our Grab Bags at a fraction of the normal retail price! 

What You'll Be Getting: 

  • A mix of 5 different designs, packed at random
  • 5 sets of mini nail file and cuticle pusher stick
  • All 5 designs will be packed together in a single kraft paper packet (Save the Earth!)
  • Instructions on how to apply and remove

Disclaimer: Please understand that actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor, and we cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.