How To Apply

You can apply our non-toxic nail wraps in just 6 simple steps! 
Before you start, wash and dry your hands to remove any dirt, moisture or oil. 



Step 1

Select the correct sticker size for your nail. If you're in between sizes, go for the smaller one. (too big and it'll adhere to your cuticle or skin, causing the wrap to come off)

Step 2

Remove the clear protective layer that is on top of nail wrap. (This helps to protect the sticker from drying up)

Step 3

Press down on the silver panel to peel off desired nail sticker.



Step 4

Centre the sticker on the nail and press firmly onto nail surface. 

Tip: Best to apply the nail wrap right after your cuticle to prevent it from peeling off prematurely. You can use the cuticle pusher to even out any creases.

Step 5

File downwards in a 90 degree angle to remove excess sticker. The excess should break away easily.


Step 6

We highly recommend applying a suitable top coat for a lasting, professional finish. 

Tip: Do a small test on one nail first to check if the top coat causes any shrinkage. Refer to our FAQs for a list of top coats.


1. Remove wraps from packaging, and remember to wash your hands before applying! 2. Find a suitable sized wrap for your nail.  3. Peel off clear protective layer from the selected wrap.
4. Gently peel off nail wrap from the silver bar. 5. Centre the wrap on your nail. Remember to position it just after your cuticle for a better application. 6. Use the wooden stick to even out any creases.
7. Great work! You're almost done. 8. Time to file! Remember to do it in a downward motion. 9. Gently remove the excess nail wrap from the tip of your nail. 
10. Swipe on a top coat for a longer-lasting finish.  11. Voila! You're all set to go.

How To Remove 

Removal is easy! Simply soak your fingers in a tub or bowl of warm water for approximately 8 minutes.
Peel off nail wrap from bottom corner of nail bed towards the tip of your fingernail. 

Rinse with soap.